K Fingers

K Fingers is a New England based R&B, Hip-Hop,Soul,Jazz -Funk instrumentalist, and producer. His musical compositions can be heard on his self produced, and composed debut effort Explorations, and  sophomore follow up Human Elements. This  body of work features saxophonist Bobby J and guitarist Paul Yu, aka The K Fingers Band. K Fingers brings excitement, fun, and a rich musical experience to his audiences as a live performer. The newest Members of The K Fingers Band include bassist Duane Rawls and Drummer Ernie Floyd.

Afternoon Moments from the album Human Elements received over 600 views in its first week of streaming on YouTube, and currently has 1,089 views. The video for Get It Poppin, also from the album Human Elements, currently has 1,166 views on YouTube,  reached 6,531 people on Instagram with 10,923 impressions.  K Fingers has also gained fans on Jango Radio, from all over the U.S, and worldwide. Some of these locations include New Zeland, Ghana, France, and even Japan.

On his latest digital EP titled Above And Beyond, K Fingers plays progressive synth leads over his  original urban contemporary instrumental beats.

Also check out Interview:  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHbkOdSHwo0/?igshid=1di4o47gxxw75

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