K Fingers

Founder of the band, K Fingers grew up listening to a variety of music from R&B, Rock,and Jazz. While majoring in music theory, he began playing piano, songwriting and producing.  K Fingers has played in several cover bands,and is currently producing local Hip-Hop, and Neosoul artists. He also teaches piano and music theory to students with an interest in music. Explorations is his debut CD,in which he composed and produced all of the material,as well as collaborated with vocalists and other musicians.

Bobby J

Bobby  J took a liking to music at a young age growing up on a farm in the Carolinas. Playing by ear he taught himself how to play bass guitar.  Bobby played drums in his first band, Little John and the jokers unlimited, at the age of 16 years old. After a few years he learned how to play the drums and for 7 years was the drummer in the band (An interesting fact: They took part in a contest to be on the Ed Sullivan show). An interest in saxophone stayed with Bobby J and after taking some lessons it became his instrument of choice, which he is still mastering today (alto 6 years/ tenor 1 1/2 years). Bobby J has been with The Explorations Project for the past two years, his hope is to help Explorations become a successful performance band.


Cecillio,AKA Wizdom, has been playing guitar since he was 7 years old. He first learned how to play from his father,older brother,and musicians at his church. At age 15 he was offered an opportunity to play with The Fania Allstars, and later attended the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico. When Wizdom came to Massachusetts, He played in a top 40 band called Spoonz, and has since played in many church and secular bands of all genres. He was also band director for international Bachata artist Dominique Marte. Some of his main influences include Jimi Hendrix,and Carlos Santana. In addition to playing with K Fingers, Wizdom is also producing local artists, including his own CD titled Historia De Amor