K Fingers

K Fingers grew up listening to a variety of music from R&B, Rock,and Jazz. While majoring in music theory, he began playing piano, songwriting and producing.  K Fingers has played in several cover bands,and is currently producing local Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neosoul artists. He also teaches piano and music theory to students with an interest in music. On Explorations, his debut CD, he composed and produced all of the material,as well as collaborated with vocalists and other musicians. His sophmore effort, Human Elements, features saxophonist Bobby J,and guitarist Paul Yu.

Bobby J

Bobby  J took a liking to music at a young age growing up on a farm in the Carolinas. Playing by ear he taught himself how to play bass guitar.  Bobby played drums in his first band, Little John and the Jokers Unlimited, at the age of 16 y. After a few years he learned how to play the drums and for 7 years was the drummer in the band. (An interesting fact: They took part in a contest to be on the Ed Sullivan show). An interest in saxophone stayed with Bobby J and after taking some lessons it became his instrument of choice, which he is still mastering today (alto 6 years/ tenor 1 1/2 years). Bobby J has been with K Fingers for the past three years, 

Paul Yu

Paul is a guitarist (electric and steel) as well as songwriter and session musician.  He is from greater Boston and has worked for songwriters spanning various genres including:  roots/americana, rock, rhythm/blues, and contemporary jazz.  He is in the process of recording his second solo record with Brian Charles (Zippah Recording). 

Songwriters and bands Paul has supported include: 

Rick Barton (Continental, Dropkick Murphys, The Outletts) 

Gary Rubin (DB Jelen, Edenville) 

Meaghan Casey 


K-Fingers band


Ernie Floyd

Ernest( EC ) Floyd ,originally a Boston, MA native, who enjoyed athletics, academics and The Performing Arts throughout Middle School.Ernie performed on television and stages in various talent shows as an actor and musician. After a brief basketball experience in The NBA, and traveling throughout Europe, he returned to MA. Upon arrival, he returned to his roots in the performing arts, and in 1994 began a non profit agency called Pride Productions. Ernie is now The CEO of Unity Radio, where he also rehearses as a drummer with Worcester Jazz-Funk groups  such as Focus and The K Fingers Band. Ernie's dynamic Drumming style adds excitement ,tight syncopation and organic rhythmic energy to every K Fingers Band live concert. Ernie also provides firey drum solos, and in the pocket grooving to the K Fingers sound.


Duane Rawls

Duane Rawls began his bass playing  career at the tender age of 8. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, under the tutelage of his father Lavern Rawls, minister of music at Lee Heights Community Church. He played in several bands throughout the years performing his sense of timing, tempo, and technique to the Motown era up through the mid 70s, 80s and 90s influences of bands from bands such as Cameo,One Way, Fatback, Slave, and S.O.S. Duane now leads the Worcester Band Focus and plays bass in TheK Fingers Band. Duane's passionate, distinctive colorful style of bass playing adds both sonic foundation and soulful flavor to the K Fingers compositions, making them  unique versions that provide audiences with a musically charged, and spirited live concert experience to remember.